President John Hanson

Our First President

                Unknown to many, John Hanson was indeed the Nation’s first President of the United States of America under the original United States Constitution that American Patriots fought and died for.  Contrary to false status of the site that claims the Office of the President did not exist – it did, and Snopes is disingenuous to Americans in their position. Unfortunately, where politics come into play, Snopes simply took this as an assumption and simply never did the research.  If you read the original constitution, the terms of the “Office of the President” are spelled out in Article IX as it is also talked about between the correspondences of many of the first set of forefathers. 


In addition to his election, President Hanson is recognized as the first President under the original constitution (called the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union) to be elected into its first full term and not into a temporary position.  Many of the departments we have today were started under the original constitution that also gave the United States of America its name on March 1, 1781.  Today’s adopted constitution does not give the Nation its name – it couldn’t, the nation was already created and elected its first President.  Indeed the original constitution is the only constitution that gives the nation its name -it is truly the nation’s birth certificate.  Today, the abandonment of the original constitution is why we celebrate the day the nation was conceived – The Declaration of Independence – and not the day the nation was born and given it’s name. 


There have been skeptics who believe the difference in the election between George Washington and John Hanson was significant to the way we recognize a President and how an individual becomes a President.   If this is the case, we end up compromising George Washington to a greater degree.  New York, Rhode Island and North Carolina held back from participating with the second constitution at the time of Washington’s election.   George Washington was elected by only 10 States and not unanimously with all 13 States that President Hanson was elected under.  President John Hanson is the only first President to be elected unanimously by all 13 States.


As for George Washington, his first President was indeed John Hanson and the Order of the Purple Heart is an award that started with President John Hanson.  Under John Hanson’s Presidency, General George Washington established the Order of the Purple Heart on the 7th of August 1782 at Newburgh, New York for soldiers wounded in battles.  This honor has been recognized continuously under the original creation and establishment of United States of America and long before the second adopted constitution.  It continues to be officially recognized today as our military award to be “in the name of the President of the United States of America.”  Anything less would diminish the specific purpose of the award to its earliest recipients.

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